LNG Odorization Cryogenic Equipment Pressurization Skid Mounted Pumping Systems

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CNASEC
Product Name: LNG Odorization,Pressurization Skid Type: Cryogenic Equipment
Feature: Simple Operation And Maintenance Structure: Compact Structure
High Light:

lng gasification plant


skid mounted lng plant

LNG Odorization Cryogenic Equipment Pressurization Skid Mounted Pumping Systems

LNG Odorization,Pressurization Skid

The skid-mounted gas supply terminal is a natural gas supply system developed for the monthly gas demand of urban independent residential communities, small and medium-sized enterprises and large and medium-sized public construction communities.The system integrates the process equipment, components and on-site instruments of the LNG gasfier station on several skid mounting modules.

The system consists of LNG unloading skid, LNG storage tank pressurization control skid, gasification pressure regulating odorizing skid and control system, which form the liquefaction natural gas supply system and independent LNG storage tank to form the LNG gas supply system.

All functional elements except LNG storage tank are integrated on skid, the whole system with less area occupation, short manufacturing period, and convenient site installation, reliable and safety, which can be remoted control.

Main features:

◆ Integrated unloaded pressurization, storage tank pressurization, gasification, pressure regulation, metering, odorizing, electric control of LNG supplying station into one entity;

◆ With compact structure, less area occupation;

◆ Remoted monitoring and control;

◆ Gasification by air heating, lower down operating cose;

◆ Easy installation and short construction period;

◆ Simple operation and maintenance;

◆ The skid is removable, can be multiple and repeatedly.

Safety performance:

◆ With cyogenic liquid phase safety valve, gas phase safety valve, vent out valve etc.;

◆ With liquid phase cryogenic emergency cut-off valve;

◆ With gas phase over pressure cut-off valve;

◆ With earth ground, all wire connection of on-site instruments are colllected into explosion-proof terminal box;

◆ With natural gas electric water bath heating, which can ensure normal running under ultimate temperature.

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